How subcription works?

The subscription allows you to download photos and vectors in standard licenses anytime until the purchased limit of photos of desired subscription is exhausted. Purchase one of our price programs and download photos without need of prompt payment. We offer daily limits and monthly limits for period from 3 to 12 months.

What is the differenc between daily limit subscription and monthly limit subscription?

Daily subscription allows you to download XXX photos per day. 1 day = 24 hours starting from the time of subscription activation. Every day, you can download purchased number of photos, after 24 hours, the limit increases again to its primary value.

The principle is the same even for monthly subscription. But instead of the daily limit you set a monthly limit, which is always restored after 30 days.

Are the unused downloads moved to the next period?

No. Unused download are not moved to the further period.

How long is one subscription month?

For subscriptions the calendar month or calendar day is not considered. The rule is that one month = 30 days * 24 hours. If you purchase a daily limit subscription, the daily limit is reset in the time of the first activation. The monthly subscription expires exactly at the time of activation after 30 days.

Example 1: I purchased and activated by paying online a subscription "5 photos per day for one month" the 2th October at 7:20 am. Daily limit will be always restored to its original value every day at 7:20 am. Subscription ends the 1st November at 7:20 am.

Example 2: I purchased a subscription "100 photos a month for 3 months", which was activated on 15th July at 6:30 pm. The new monthly limit me will be restored after reaching 30 days, ie 14th August and 13th September, always at 6:30 pm. The subscription expires 11th September at 6:30 pm.

When is my subscription activated?

It depends on the payment method. If you pay by card or paypal, activation takes place within few minutes after the payment is confirmed. If you pay by bank transfer, subscription is activated upon receipt of payment on our bank account.

What is the size of the photo downloaded via subscription?

If you download within subscription a vector, you will always get license license V - any size. If you download within subscription a photo, you will always get the largest possible size of the photograph in the basic license which is on sale.

May I download even videos within subscription?

No, subscription is only for photos and vectors.

May I download even extended commercial licenses within subscription?

No, you can download only standard non-commercial licenses within subscription. You can buy extended commercial licenses using our shopping cart, or if you do not want to pay individually, you can buy an Annual discount program and download extended licenses with pricing program.

Can I use photos downloaded within subscription even after the subscription program ends?

Yes, you can. Even within the subscription you get a photo with the Royalty Free license of indefinite duration.

Can I buy more subscription plans at once?

Yes, you can. If you activated more subscription plans at once, you can choose which one you use just when you are downloading the image.

Can I purchase subscription with the automatic extension for further period?

We are preparing this service. Unfortunately it is not possible at this moment.

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