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Példák az engedélyezett használathoz of RF licenses

RF engedély a fényképekhez és a videókhoz, a kereskedelmi, és nem kereskedelmi használatra szolgál. A fényképek felhasználhatóak a cégek, vállalatok, termékek és szolgáltatások propagálásához, reklámhoz, nyomtatásra, oktatási és személyes célokra, nyomatatások a könyvekbe, magazinokba, naptárakba és újságokba, beleértve az elektronikai termékeket is. További információkat és korlátozásokat megtalál a megállapodásban a License agreement.

Példák a tiltott használathoz of RF licenses

Tilos megjeleníteni a fényképet, vagy annak bármely részét úgy, ami úgy tünik, mint propagáció a politikai, vallási, gazdasági vagy egyéb mozgalmakra és pártokra. Tilos a fotót felhasználni úgy, hogy a rajta szereplő személy bármilyen módon sértve legyen, tilos felhasználni a fotót bármilyen kompozícióban, amely becsületsértő, obszcén, vagy más módon illetlen.

Simple overview of Standard and Extentended licenses

See what license do you need on the page Standard x Extended.

What is a Standard RF license?

The Standard license is permitted to be used for the advertising purposes of companies, products or services, for print on demand, for educational or personal purposes. Further you can use it for prints in books, magazines, calendars and newspapers, product packaging and electronic products, and you can also use it if the product is distributed free of charge or picture on the product plays a MINOR ROLE (see below). Standard licenses are named S, M, L, XL, XXL, V for the Vector. Video Standard licenses are 240p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K.

What is an Extended RF license?

Extended license can be used for commercial use, ie for products that are intended for sale, on products such as books calendars, prints into books where photographs play a MAJOR ROLE (see below). Extended license photo is labeled X, and vectors are labeled XV.

What is a MINOR ROLE?

Minor role means the role when the photo or graphic work stands outside the main purpose of the product, and does add nor become a major part of the sale. Minor role includes photos on product packaging, the title page of the book, illustrative pictures in books, etc ...

What is a MAJOR ROLE?

The main role means a role where the image or graphic work is the main part of the product and the product is sold on its basis. Basically, whithout purchased photo or vector the product would not have such a meaning or would not be attractive. The main roles is for example a photos on T-shirts, mugs, photos on calendars. But also books and magazines intended for sale, that have images on more than 50% of the total volume.

May I place photos on social networks?

Yes, you can, but for illustrative purposes only. To confirm the copyright of the author recommended to use copyright AuthorName@Fotky&Foto

Személyes használatra

For personal use in general you need to purchase a Standard license S-XXL or vector image V. These licenses can be used eg. for printing an image to the office or to the apartment, on your own website, etc. You can use the license for unlimited time period and for all of your personal purposes.


To self-promotion or promotion of the company, products and services you can use standard licenses S-XXL or vector image V. The photos can be used in unlimited time period. In case the photograph plays a MINOR ROLE (see above), all you need is a basic license. In case the photograph plays a MAJOR ROLE (see above), you must purchase an Extended license X or vector XV.

For graphic designers, agencies

When you create a product from photo which is custom made for one client, you do not need the extended license X, XV. Just use the Standard licens S-XXL or vector V, in case where a photo plays a MINOR ROLE (see above). If the product will play a MAJOR ROLE (see above), you must purchase an Extended license X or XV. In desicing what liecnse you need hepls you page Standard x Extended.
If you want to buy photographs on behalf of your customers use our service called Subaccounts which will greatly simplify it. See more here what is the Subaccount service. Consider also purchase of Subscription or the Annual discount program. It is worth to you and you save money.
Consider also the purchase or Extended licenses X, XV. The advantage of the extended license is that it can be used for multiple clients, multiple projects. In the case you buy an Extended license (graphic designer, agency, ...), this picture may become "a source of your income," you can use it freely for your other customers and projects.


For books and magazines can use Standard license S-XXL or vector image V in the case that it is a free distribution or if the image plays a MINOR ROLE (see above). For products where the image plays a MAJOR ROLE (see above), you must purchase an Extended license X or XV. If you use a photo for multiple projects, or for more customers, consider buying an Extended license. If you buy this license, you can use it just for multiple projects and clients in unlimited time period.
Outside the RF licenses we offer also a wide portfolio of the latest editorial photos and celebrities photos - EP licenses (Editorial Photo). In the search select the type of license EP.
Consider also purchase of Subscription or the Annual discount program. It is worth to you and you save money.

Can I use the photo for creating company logos or trademarks?

If you create a logo that is not registered as a trademark, you can use any photo and vector from our stock. If you create the logo registered as a trademark, you can use only photographs and vectors specially prepared here: Logo ajánlatok, logo alkotásához szánt vektorok

Changes in licensing valid from the 6th March 2017

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